Annual Report Brief
The Paper Engineering Society 2017

I was given the task of creating an annual report for the Paper Engineering Society. Instead of merging paper engineering with editorial design and creating a pop-up book I wanted to think more laterally about the brief. My concept is based around how paper engineering in it's simplest form is just creating amazing things with paper – a resource we all have access to but tend to underestimate it's capabilities. Paper engineering pieces are made if only we have the imagination and are open to possibilities of paper. The format of my annual report is a packet of paper – 52 sheets (one for each week of the year) of A3, each with it's own possibility printed onto it changing the outlook on the usage of a usual pack of paper.

The annual report is printed on the inside of the packet – structured as a design cycle for paper engineering – educating on how to create paper engineering pieces but also the achievements of the society over the past year.

Paper — G.F. Smith Heaven 42
Typefaces — Avenir, Circular

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