My project is concerned with both the negative mental and physical affects television has on children of the modern day and how this influences their development. Through innovations in technology – childhood is being morphed and shaped into the digital age. As a consequence, children don't have the same experiences as earlier traditional upbringings. As a child you experience a life of play, open possibilities, imagination whilst free from the responsibilities of adult life. Technology in early development is changing these crucial years to be spent stiff, restricted and vacant – staring at digital screens and devices.Β 

My research led me to Television by Roald Dahl – a poem which linked perfectly to my observations on child development in relation to technology. I created my piece using the poem partnered with a unique format. My aim throughout was to engage, excite but then bring realization. The poem is packaged much like a usual television accessory. Upon folding out, the piece is seemingly blank until following instructions on the packaging. Once placed over a television only then is the poem legible with the type being crafted into 27,000 small holes – stopping the reader from watching the television and voicing concerns on negative impacts technology has on children through the poem. The product entices through it’s originality in delivering a poem as a television accessory yet only once read can the link between the format and the content be understood. The piece on the television informs of the negative impacts and has a lasting impression on both parent and child – pushing them to bring a change to exposure their child has on not just the television, but modern technology.Β 

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